Does your company work with mechanical constructions, technical systems and… .. We are happy to think along with you!

Our engineering department helps you with the realisation of constructions and equipment to arrive at a required end product. We work efficiently and effectively, we consider the safety of employees and we prevent damage to material.

The disciplines we have in-house are: electrical, mechanical, pneumatics, hydraulics and software.

What makes us unique is that upon delivery of the end product we also supply the required documentation containing the drawings, parts lists, maintenance instructions, user instructions etc. etc.

Seccurro already has extensive experience in this areas.  See projectpage.

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Our electrical engineers work in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines for electrical installations. The materials and tools we use are of the highest quality, to deliver the project to the desired level.

We have been able to work on projects all over the world in both the offshore and other industries.

A selection from our projects:

  • One of the showpieces for Seccurro are the electrical installations made for 72 hyperbaric lifeboats.
  • Last year, we completed a project for the supply of glasscrank camera’s for tunnel construction, among other things. With these glascrank camera, all work under the ground (under pressure) can be closely monitored via camera images. The mud is “hurled” from the window by an ingenue system and kept clean with water. Meanwhile, 28 of these glascrank cameras are operational.
    We have made both the electrical and the mechanical design in-house.
  • The last comprehensive project that we were able to deliver was a diving tower for an Asian customer in which the tower has a height of 22 meters with a diameter of 7 meters.

We are able to develop and deliver electronics for projects when it is not available in regular trade. For example, we have made our own developments for various customers, such as CO2 analyzer, O2 analyzer, communication systems, flow indication systems, etc. etc.


Mechanical developments do not stand still. Certainly not at Seccurro. We use the latest techniques that we apply in our designs.

We have developed various in-house products that can be used in various industries.

  • For automated filling lines, we have developed and supplied systems to achieve more efficiency and reproducibility during the process.
  • Another development was the design and delivery of the glascrank camera. With these glascrank cameras, all work can be closely monitored during work under the ground. The mud is “hurled” from the window by an ingenious system and kept clean with water. Meanwhile, 28 of these glascrank cameras are operational.
    We have made both the electrical and the mechanical design in-house.
  • Products that are also developed and supplied by Seccurro: underwater LED lighting, cameras for hyperbaric purposes, CO2 analyzers for breathing air monitoring for divers, pressure alarm systems, flow indication systems and communication systems.
    The mechanical and electrical design of these products is done entirely by Seccurro.


Bij een geautomatiseerde vullijn wordt vaak pneumatiek toegepast. Wij leveren pneumatische systemen die door ons ontworpen en opgebouwd zijn.
Uiteraard verzorgen wij ook het hiervoor benodigde tekenpakket met stuklijsten.


Pneumatics is often used with an automated filling line. We deliver pneumatic systems that are designed and built by us.
Of course we also provide the required drawing package with parts lists.

CNC milling

CNC milling is more often used in the metal, wood and plastic processing industry. At Seccurro we have our own CNC milling machine that we use for our prototyping. This allows us to see results quickly when we have made a design in Solidworks.

We can also produce products for companies and individuals with our CNC machine. We can offer our services for small series and / or prototype products.

PLC control

Our software engineer works with the well-known Siemens S7 PLC program. Many products that we design run under this Siemens S7 software.