Manuals, brochures, workinstructions, datasheets etc. etc.


Manuals are an important and often required part in the delivery of machines and equipment. Within the European Union, machines and equipment must comply with the basic safety and health requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
Within the European Union, the manuals must also be supplied according to CE.

The sections included as standard in a manual are:

  • Safety instructions
  • Product / machine description
  • Operating staff requirements
  • Specifications
  • Installation instructions
  • Operating
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • End-of-Life description
  • Drawings (Electric, Pneumatic, Mechanical and Hydraulic)
  • Parts lists associated with the drawings
  • Spare parts (spareparts) in different levels
    Level 1 = necessary to  put back the machine/device into operation after a malfunction
    Level 2 = not immediately necessary, often parts that must be replaced preventively
    Level 3 = half or annual maintenance

We built the documentation completely digital with all search functions included. A project is set up as a portfolio, with a structured page appearing on the screen with all the “chapters” with all underlying information in it. Of course we deliver the documentation in the desired house style.

We also provide the manual in the desired language, whereby the original and the translated manual are identical in terms of content.


Brochures are for two applications:

  • Company brochure
  • Catalog

For companies it is always handy to have a brochure that gives potential customers a good impression of the company. Here you can tell about the origins of the company, about the activities, projects, services etc. etc.

A catalog includes all products the company makes and/or sells. If it is set up well, then this can certainly help you achieve a larger sale.


We divide thes in 4 different instructions:

  • Assembling
  • Installation
  • Adjusting
  • Calibration

When a product or machine is designed and built, it is important that all information is available to bring the product or machine/project to a good end result. This requires work instructions that Seccurro can take care of for you.

In these work instructions, steps are clearly explained through short text and clear photos and drawings.


A product does not sell itself. Promotion is required for this. The use of a datasheet is a welcome addition. With this you reach a larger audience and can give sales a good boost. A datasheet contains all mainly technical information regarding the product.

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